You may still see some snow on the ground but Spring is just around the corner and you know that it means that is time for a commercial janitorial cleaning. Now you’re already thinking about all the work you will have with your retail store cleaning. So many things to do and you just don’t even know where to start. However, all you need to think is that this can be a really good thing for your business. So, here are the best tips from a top commercial janitorial cleaning company to start with your retail store cleaning:

#1: The first thing you need to consider is what about your main goal with the cleaning. Do you want your store to feel refreshed? Do you want to feel refreshed yourself? Or do you want both?

#2: Usually, the best place to start is reviewing your inventory. The fact is that old inventory tends to pile up. And this may lead your store to look old and outdated. And this is the last thing you want. So, take a look at all the inventory and all that is over 3 months old should have a markdown. Just schedule a Spring Cleaning Sale and your clients will love you. You’ll be offering them great prices and bargain deals. In case some of the inventory you’ll find, it will be hard to sell it even with huge markdowns. So, just consider bundle packaging. The main goal of this stage is to help you get rid of all that excess inventory that you have in your retail store.

#3: Now, it’s cleaning time. Not only cleaning but also some changes around the store. Just take a look around and think of ways that would make your retail store be more attractive to your clients. After you decided what to change and actually doing it, it’s time for a commercial janitorial cleaning. However, you should let this stage in the hands of a professional team. Not only it will be faster as they will clean every spot you’d probably missed.

#4: Now, it’s time for you to do a little pick-up on yourself. After all, you want to be at your best to welcome all your clients to your “new” store. Just consider a haircut, a wardrobe re-do, a cleanse, or simply a new lipstick shade. The smallest change will give you motivation and will do wonders for your mood.

#5: Getting the word out is your last step. With a new store, a new you, you have everything that you need to bring your business to the next level.

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